Item Slurry Obtained
Bunch-o-buttons 1
Buttonboy 1
Gross Boot 1
Mystery Can 1
Pop Top 1
Shelbo 1
Shiny Bit 1
Sporbet 1
Strange Square 1
Wrapper 1
Nurny 2
Planklet 2
Quib 2
Arcade Token 3
Boregus 3
Caroot 3
Clothlet 3
Festive Bobble 3
Muz 3
Muz Flour 3
Recipe Piece 3
Seaplop 3
Sweetiebeetie 3
Dregplant 4
Fartichoke 4
Lopauliflower 4
Pompadoot 4
Sparkflower 4
Springbean 4
Zinooka 4
Clambrosia 6
Jinglebread Oob Cookie 6
Flootiflower 8
Froobtose 8
Ground Springbeans 10
Oodles 10
Pompadoot Juice 10
Delislush 12
Flooti Karioka 12
Button Soup 14
Quib Tart 14
Beanjuice 22
Caroot Cake 28
Balmybloom 30
Candy 30
Gember 30
Hyperglob 30
Oobsidian 30
Rainplop 30
Snowplop 30
Spicyspear 30
Sprockut 30
Wishy Well
Wish Type Cost
Basic Sprinkler Blueprint 75
Good Sprinkler Blueprint 100
Medium Sprinkler Blueprint 100
Oobcoop Level 2 Blueprint 100
Oobcoop Level 3 Blueprint 100
Oobcoop Level 4 Blueprint 100
Oobcoop Level 5 Blueprint 100
Spaceheater Blueprint 150
Sprinklehot Blueprint 200
Sprinklehot XL Blueprint 300
Swooshler Blueprint 75
Even More Home Decor Expansion 75
Even More Home Decor II Expansion 200
Kibbon-bon I Expansion 50
Kibbon-bon II Expansion 50
Kibbon-bon III Expansion 50
Manatwee I Expansion 50
Manatwee II Expansion 50
Manatwee III Expansion 50
Meed's Seeds Expansion 75
More Home Decor Expansion 50
Snups I Expansion 50
Snups II Expansion 50
Snups III Expansion 50
Beanjuice Recipe 50
Bread Sammy Recipe 100
Caroot Cake Recipe 50
Clambrosia Recipe 50
Delislush Recipe 200
Flooti Karioka Recipe 50
Glob Blobs Recipe 200
Ground Springbeans Recipe 50
Pompadoot Juice Recipe 50
Soggy Bread Recipe 100
100x Gummy Repeatable 50
1x Clothlet Repeatable 75
1x Oobsidian Repeatable 100
1x Speedy Grow Repeatable 5
1x Speedy Grow Pro Repeatable 25
Bigger Farm Upgrade 1000
Bigger Toolbelt Upgrade 300
Even Faster Reconstitooter Upgrade 100
Even Faster Run Speed Upgrade 750
Even More Ooblets I Upgrade 100
Even More Ooblets II Upgrade 100
Even More Ooblets III Upgrade 100
Even More Ooblets IV Upgrade 100
Faster Reconstitooter Upgrade 100
Faster Run Speed Upgrade 500
More Energy Upgrade 300
More Ooblets Upgrade 50
Plennys Level II Upgrade 75
Plennys Level III Upgrade 100
Plennys Level IV Upgrade 125
Recipe How To Obtain
A Very Cellulettuce Sammy Wishy Well
Beanjuice Wishy Well
Beebun Bunglebee Mines
Beetie Curd Dance Barn
Blue Goo Pie Dance Barn
Bread Sammy Wishy Well
Button Soup Recipe Piece
Candy Salad Port Forward (Ticket Exchange)
Caroot Cake Wishy Well
Clambrosia Wishy Well
Delislush Wishy Well
Flooti Karioka Wishy Well
Flooti Sauce Default
Froobtose Default
Glob Blobs Wishy Well
Gloom Bun Nullwhere (Defeat the witch)
Go Go Cupcake Dance Barn
Ground Springbeans Wishy Well
Hop Dob Default
Hop Hop Hop Dob Default
Lurge Latty Recipe Piece
Mamoonia Macaroon Recipe Piece
Muz Flour Default
Muzimi Recipe Piece
Oodles Default
Pibblepug Pie Dance Barn
Pneumatic Gnocchi Wishy Well
Pompadoot Juice Wishy Well
Quib Tart Default
Roast Dregs Nullwhere (Find big Oogum)
Soggy Bread Wishy Well
Sootheysip Dance Barn
Spressy Recipe Piece
Squishmallow Wildlands (Level 9)
Thimbi Tartare Recipe Piece
Zinooka Cake Recipe Piece
Type Uses Cost
Dribbly Can 10 0
Drizzle Dribbler 20 250
Dandy Dribbler 30 500
Badgetown Ooblets
Ooblets Unlocked By
Clomper Default
Dumbirb Default
Fleeble Default
Lumpstump Default
Wigglewip Default
Clickyclaws More Ooblets
Oogum More Ooblets
Unnyhunny More Ooblets
Isopud Even More Ooblets I
Plop Even More Ooblets I
Radlad Even More Ooblets I
Nuppo Even More Ooblets II
Petula Even More Ooblets II
Spuddle Even More Ooblets II
Moogy Even More Ooblets III
Sidekey Even More Ooblets III
Whirlitzer Even More Ooblets III
Bittle Even More Ooblets IV
Shrumbo Even More Ooblets IV
Tud Even More Ooblets IV
Unlockables Type Level
Spicyspear Scrub Location 2
Hay Twig Ooblets Accessory 3
Lightylanty Player Accessory 4
Lumberjack Hat Player Accessory 5
Droneydrip Pond Location 6
Lookie Lenses Player Accessory 7
Flannel Wallpaper Decoration 8
Squishmallow Recipe Recipe 9
Nurnycrop Crag Location 10
Type Overall Slots Cost
None Equipped 15 0
Basic Bum Bag 20 250
Sadsack Pack 22 350
Basic Backpack 25 500
Mega Rucksack 30 600