If you lose to a dance battle against wild ooblets, you can fly away or enter house. When you return, you will find the ooblets there again.
You can AFK productively by opening the Reconstitooter. It will continue producing Slurry without progressing the day.
Keep at least one gleamy and one uncommon seed in a chest. Putting them in your bag will automatically finish the "Get a gleamy/uncommon seed" daily task.
Use your resources to build oobcoops instead of sprinklers. Sprinklers are just not worth it currently besides for aesthetic.
If you are desperate to catch an ooblet but lack resources, you can just not nap/sleep for days and continue gathering resources.
Make sure to talk to each friend every day especially if you are collecting ooblet accessories.
You don't need to scavenge every day since loots do not disappear. You can just pick them all up every other day.
As soon as you wake up, rush to the townhall to find shop owners standing outside. This will save you time as you won't have to enter their stores to talk to them.
You don't have to go to your mailbox to see which friend wants an item, you can see it from the menu's Frenz list.
If you need wishies, you can get 20 and 50 from each tournament battle, netting you 70 wishies per day.
Each gleamy ooblet has a 20% chance to drop an oobsidian whenever you nap/sleep.
You can have up to 3,851 ooblets if you place a level 5 oobcoop on each farm tile.
You will receive the same reward whether you place common, uncommon, or gleamy Figurines.
Ooblets can go up to 3x as big or 3x as small using the witch's potions.
Your farm starts at 17x24 tiles. Upgrading to a bigger farm will make it 32x24.
Upgrading to a bigger farm does not increase the number of home babies you can have.
Crops around an oobcoop grow faster the higher the level of the oobcoop is.
Speedy Grow and Speedy Grow Pro have a weaker effect on higher level oobcoop crops.
Farmers take 20 seconds to perform each action regardless of their level.
Farmers can sometimes find an oobsidian when breaking a rock.
You can use rocks, woods, and weeds as decoration by letting them spawn while destroying the others.
Nuppo and Glanter almost guarantees win in Signature battle as they can stunlock their opponents
Unnyhunny has a move that gains 3 points and draws a new card which you can take advantage of in Freebie mode.
Steal moves are bad because players always go first. Steal moves are dead cards until your opponent actually gain points.
Ending a battle on a draw will count as a loss towards you.
Even if you only have 1 beat left, try to still draw a new card because you might draw a 0-cost card.
Hype is important on the first turn. A 1-hype card could net you 5 points throughout the dance battle, which is more rewarding than playing a 4-point card.
Spuddle partnered with ooblets with hype-cards can normally end dance battles in just 2 turns.
Sidekey's Finite Loop is useful for stacking hypes and cost-manipulation, but does not stack stuns or lets you choose a new stun target.
Sidekey's Finite Loop does not normally work with moves with warm-ups, but if you managed to lower your warm-up to 0 using Oogum's Backward Limbo, then Finite Loop can play warm-up moves twice.
Protect your team from controls (stun/fluster) by using support ooblets such as Glooplonglegs and Lickzer.